The British will be able to send a parcel without leaving home


Royal Mail launches new parcel collection service

During the pandemic, the British became less likely to write letters, however, the revenue of the Royal Mail not only did not decrease, but increased by £ 139 million, writes The Evening Standard. The reason is simple – in the absence of the ability to transfer something personally, the residents of the United Kingdom began to send parcels.

Now they can do it in the literal sense of the comfort of their home. Royal Mail is launching a new parcel collection service, according to the BBC. The customer must register the shipment on the Royal Mail website, pay the cost of the shipment online plus the 72p tax, and print the postage label.

On the appointed date, the postal courier will pick up the shipment right from the doorstep.

The maximum size of parcels is 61 × 46 × 46 cm, the maximum weight is 20 kg. The service is available from Monday to Saturday.

The new service has already been successfully tested in Bristol, and most of the customers were satisfied. Before the pandemic, the company also tried to improve its services by installing mailboxes for sending parcels.


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