Mother denounces priest for violently shaking her baby during christening | The NY Journal

The religious defended himself indicating that the baby was slipping and that is why he manipulated it in that way

The authorities of the city of Limassol, in Cyprus, have received a somewhat unusual complaint from a mother against an Orthodox priest.

It turns out that the woman told the police that the priest injured her baby during his baptism. As evidence, he presented a video of the religious ceremony, where the religious is seen violently shaking the child.

The priest plunges abruptly into the baptismal font three times and the mother indicated that this could put her baby’s life at risk.

The mother, named Ntina Shitta, shared the video on Facebook and in her publication stated that her son ended up with red marks on different parts of the body and in a “state of shock.”

“This man is the father of the Palodia church and he ruined our most beautiful day,” added Shitta; In addition, he assured that the religious manners left much to be desired.

The priest declared to the authorities that at no time did he intend to harm the baby and that his somewhat jerky movements were due to the baby slipping.


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