Baseball: Manfred would like to keep the new rules


Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred liked what he saw in 2020 and would like to maintain some regulations that have been put in place.

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This season, a runner was automatically installed on the second cousin at the start of the extra heats. This addition was put in place to prevent the clashes from dragging on. It worked, as the longest games of the 2020 campaign ended in the 13th inning.

This regulation was put in place because of the reduced schedule caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think the players like it,” Manfred said during his press briefing on Tuesday. I think this is very good from a health and safety point of view. This prevents us from putting the players in a situation where they are on the field for too long ”.

If he wants to maintain this in the future, the commissioner will need the approval of the players’ association.

“We’ve made a number of changes for a year this season due to unique circumstances,” said Players Association manager Tony Clark. We are collecting player feedback and bringing it to the league at the appropriate time. Obviously, protecting health and safety is an important consideration in our talks. ”

Manfred also said he would like the playoff format to remain the same as in 2020. For this shortened season, 16 teams have made the playoffs, while usually only 10.


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