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The data from the investigation into the shooting last Saturday in Hato Rey leads the authorities to presume that the attack was directed at Isadora Nieves Cruz

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By Alex Figueroa Cancel

PUERTO RICO – The circumstances arising from the shooting last Saturday in Hato Rey lead the authorities to presume that the attack was aimed at Isadora Nieves Cruz, known as “Pinky Curvy”.

Colonel José Juan García, San Juan Area Commander, indicated that most of the bullet holes were in the passenger area of ​​the Toyota Tacoma bus, where Nieves Cruz was traveling.

Murder Pinky Curvy
Image of the vehicle in which Pinky Curvy was traveling, which was shot at. (GFR Average)

In February 2019, Nieves Cruz appeared in the indictment of a federal grand jury against the gang known as “The FARC” on drug trafficking charges.

“My experience tells me that it was for drug trafficking and because of the characteristics of what was found at the scene, she (Nieves Cruz) could be the card,” said García, who in the past led the Police Drug Division.

He added that “it will be the investigators who will officially determine the mobile and confirm or discard it.”

Nieves Cruz was killed last night on Roosevelt Avenue, in Hato Rey, after they were shot from another vehicle.

“From what she saw, they shot her more next to the passenger where she was. The shots were concentrated on the right side, behind, in front and even through the hood there were some impacts, but it is not yet known if they were from the entrance or if it was that some of the shots that entered from other sides came from there ”, Garcia pointed out.

The vehicle was driven by a 23-year-old young man who survived the attack with gunshot wounds to his legs and arms.

He identified himself as a Nieves Cruz couple, after he sought refuge in a restaurant where the couple was leaving when they were shot.

“It is a crime of stalking, where there are several calibers and she was federally accused in a drug trafficking case. They are characteristics that this could be the motive, so it is not ruled out, ”García added.

For now, the colonel announced that the investigators will investigate the security cameras of the businesses that are on Roosevelt Avenue, near the scene of the events to try to obtain any clues.

The police complaint indicates that “when the attackers became aware of the police presence, they fired several bursts of shots to leave the place.”

Shortly after, the authorities found a vehicle that someone left abandoned near the Urban Train stop in Santurce and they are investigating whether it is related to the murder of Nieves Cruz.

It is a Hyundai Accent car, red, which at the moment is not stolen, nor is it registered. Garcia said it may have been recently purchased and is not yet reflected in the system, that it has not been stolen, or that the owner has not yet reported it as stolen.

The car had bullet holes in the front window that could be from shots fired from the inside, because inside the car they found bullet casings.

Murder Pinky Curvy
Shortly after the shooting, the Police found this abandoned Toyota Corolla near the Urban Train station in Santurce. (GFR Average)



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