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New Yorker magazine journalist suspended for showing genitalia in Zoom meeting

Jeffrey Toobin, a journalist for The New Yorker.

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One of the most respected judicial journalists in The United States was suspended by The New Yorker magazine after he showed off his genitals during an editorial meeting at Zoom.

Jeffrey Toobin, who is also a CNN analyst and author of nine books, will be suspended while the incident is investigated. The reporter issued a statement in which he apologized for what happened.

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I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing he was off-camera, “Toobin said. “I apologize to my wife, family, friends, and co-workers.”

Toobin argued that it was not your intention to be seen by others.

“I thought no one on Zoom’s call could see me. I thought I had turned off the video option, ”Toobin said.

The incident would have occurred before October 13 since Toobin hasn’t used his social media since.. The analyst was on a CNN show on Saturday, but the network reported Monday that Toobin asked for time off to resolve a personal matter.

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The Random House publishing house, published by Toobin, has not addressed the issue.

The New Yorker magazine, known for its investigative journalism, is owned by the Conde Nast conglomerate.



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