Fisherman is surprised by snake when opening the mouth of a fish | The NY Journal


Fishermen must be careful when opening the mouth of their prey.

A man in Tennessee got quite a scare when he opened the mouth of a bass to find a snake.

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“I thought it was cool, but I was wondering how I would explain to a doctor that a snake bit me for putting my fingers in the mouth of a fish,” Dan Boudrie told the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). “The snake was looking at me before taking the picture.”

The reptile was a snake of common water in Tennessee rivers. It is not poisonous, but can bite in self-defense.

A fisherman recalled in TWRA’s Facebook comments you ever came across a turtle inside a bass.

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The TWRA warned fishermen about the care to be taken when pulling hooks as there are poisonous snakes or toads.

“Be careful when you put your hand in the fish’s mouth, you never know what’s in there,” said TWRA.



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