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[EN DIRECT] “The health system is at the end of its rope”, says François Legault

[EN DIRECT] “The health system is at the end of its rope”, says François Legault

[EN DIRECT] “The health system is at the end of its rope”, says François Legault

Quebecers must continue to limit their social contacts, because the health care system is “at the end of the line,” explained Prime Minister François Legault, who wants to get along quickly with overworked nurses.

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“We saw the nurses demonstrate on Monday. I understand the fatigue and frustration of nurses. I understand that we promised that there would be no more compulsory overtime, but we are in a special situation, “he explained in a press briefing on Tuesday.

On Monday, nurses and respiratory therapists blocked the Quebec City and Jacques-Cartier bridges in Montreal to denounce their exhaustion due to endless overtime.

“I am ready to make financial efforts, among other things, to reduce this overload of work. I am open to all solutions to reduce the overload of work, “he explained, adding in the same breath that it can only be done by giving wage increases that do not exceed inflation.

Ability to pay

As essential as they are, nurses must take into account “the ability to pay” of Quebecers, said Mr. Legault, who stressed that the province will run a deficit of 15 billion this year.

As for the collective effort, it will have to continue. The good news is that the situation has stabilized for three weeks, with an average of around 1,000 cases per day, said Legault.

In addition, nearly a million Quebeckers signed up for the “COVID Alert” application in two weeks, the government said. Its tracing strategy is also revamped: a flying team of investigators will support regions with multiple outbreaks to quickly identify sick people to reduce infections.

In one month, Quebec hired 800 new investigators.

Follow the press conference live above.

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