31-Year-Old Dies After Chemotherapy Treatment Delayed Due to Collapse at Hospital | The opinion

Many urgent treatments are being postponed due to the coronavirus, resulting in fatal consequences for the sick

The coronavirus is affecting many people, not just those who get sick from COVID-19.

One of the most serious consequences, in addition to the tremendous impact it is having on the economy, is the impact it is having on other patients with chronic diseases.

Kelly smith carried three years fighting bowel cancer. He had already started his chemotherapy sessions when he suddenly got the news that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had to suspend treatment for a few months.

This happened in March. Sadly, he passed away before he could restart his treatment. The 31-year-old, mother of a six-year-old, died on July 13.

Smith’s relatives of Macclesfield, UK, are fighting now to get signatures and request to the British government that these treatments are not stopped.

It is not the only country in which citizens report that, like Smith, they feel abandoned because their diseases and treatments have taken a back seat, reports the Daily Mail.

Neil Matherson, The 36-year-old from London is another patient who was diagnosed with cancer during these difficult times. He has a brain tumor. In May, he was faced with the decision of having to continue treatment, with the risk of contagion during the highest peak of the pandemic, or put it off while waiting for the infection rate to drop. In the end, he started chemotherapy on August 7, but failed to stop this cancer whose diagnosis is six months of life.

In Spain, two women, Sonia and Lidia they were news for die of cancer after try to get an in-person appointment with your doctor without achieving it. In the case of Sonia, her family assures that “they treated her worse than a dog.”

He complained of severe pain in his groin and lost seven kilos in a very short time. They diagnosed him with tendonitis and later with low back pain. She insisted that they do a blood test, but by the time they gave her the results and had surgery it was too late.

Lidia was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, however had two tumors, one from the ovaries and the other from the bile ducts. He passed away in July.


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