Unusual, they jail a dog for running away from home, they kept him without food and water | The opinion

Authorities argued that because of his race he is dangerous, although he had not done anything

Unusual, they jail a dog for running away from home, they kept him without food and water

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In Villa Alta, in the municipality of Saint Christopher Lachirioag in the Sierra Norte of the state of Oaxaca, in Mexico, authorities incarcerated a dog pitbull white, who was “detained” for several days after escaping from his owner’s house in said community.

According to animal defense associations, they kept him without food or water in the local jail that is governed by the indigenous normative system known as Traditions and customs, which means in summary, that its laws are practically different and alien to those that govern the rest of the Mexico.

After the insistence of dog protectors and a campaign launched on social networks, the animal was released, because of the pressure against the mayor of Saint Cristobal Lachirioag, Sebastián Méndez, and the municipal trustee, José Miguel, had to give in after the demand that the dog be detained without justifying the confinement.

Before releasing him they argued that the race pitbull it is dangerous, so they decided to kill the dog, despite the fact that he did not commit any fault and because he had not attacked any person.

After taking advantage of viralization of the case, activists stated that in that community, without there being any regulations for it, families are only allowed to have one dog, and if they have more they are poisoned, as well as dogs on the streets.

It is not the first time that in communities of Oaxaca A dog is imprisoned in a municipal jail, because in December 2018, in San Francisco Lachigoló, a dog was sacrificed, after being a prisoner, although on that occasion the cause was that the animal attacked a minor who died from the severity of the injuries, after untying and escaping from home.

In Oaxaca, Animal Protection Law, notes that: “Of the Deprivation of Life “, which will be punished with jail from six months to four years and with a fine of 500 to 1500 days’ salary to whoever maliciously deprives a vertebrate animal of life.

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