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Michigan Governor Accuses Trump of Inciting Domestic Terrorism | The NY Journal

Michigan Governor Accuses Trump of Inciting Domestic Terrorism | The NY Journal

Michigan Governor Accuses Trump of Inciting Domestic Terrorism | The NY Journal

President called for a rebellion in Michigan over measures to prevent coronavirus

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer,

JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP / Getty Images

The governor of Michigan, the Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, accused US President Donald Trump on Sunday of inciting “domestic terrorism”, after last night during a rally supporters of the President they shouted “lock her up”, when the head of state spoke of her.

It is incredibly disturbing that the US president, ten days after the kidnapping plan, put me on trial and executed me, ten days after it was discovered (the plan), the president is in it, and inspiring and encouraging and inciting this type of domestic terrorism, “Whitmer said in an interview with the television network NBC News.

The governor has been the target of Trump’s criticism during the pandemic for the restrictions he has applied in his state to contain the expansion of the coronavirus, since the president considers them too strict and has even urged his supporters to “liberate Michigan.”

On Thursday, thirteen people were charged, including seven members of the far-right militia “Wolverine Watchman”, for allegedly planning the kidnapping or murder of the governor and other officials.

And on Saturday night, during a rally at the Muskegon County airport, Trump lashed out at Whitmer, to which the crowd chanted “lock her up.”

“They have to get their governor to reopen the state, okay?”Trump pointed out.

When mentioning Democratic politics, the thousands of people gathered, many with face masks, but without respecting the recommended social distance to protect themselves from covid-19, began to scream.

And Trump continued: “Get the schools to open, the schools have to be open, right?”

Then the public began to shout “lock her up” (lock her up), an expression that was popularized in the 2016 campaign at Trump’s rallies in reference to his then rival in the elections, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Faced with this reaction, Trump laughed and replied: “let’s lock them up,” without offering details.

In the interview with NBC News, Whitmer considered that “It’s wrong, it has to end, it’s dangerous, not only for me and my family, but also for public officials who are doing their jobs and trying to protect Americans. People of good will on both sides of the aisle must step up and challenge this and tone it down. “

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Whitmer has been the target of criticism from conservative groups and far-right militias since he decided to impose the closure of commercial activity and prohibit agglomerations in the stateor as measures to contain the pandemic.

In his speech on NBC News, he stressed that his state has not had confinement orders since the spring and regretted that Trump “He never lets the facts come out in the comments he makes”.

“At no point did we focus on the fact that killing 220,000 Americans from this virus is good for him,” he said. So in that sense, as it incites more violence against people who are trying to save the lives of others, it’s good for him. “

The US is the country in the world most affected by the pandemic with more than 8.1 million cases and more than 219,000 deaths; while Michigan has broken daily infection records this week and already has more than 161,000 infected and more than 7,300 deceased, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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