Lin Manuel Miranda and Eugenio Derbez denounce discrimination against Latinos in the cinema | The NY Journal

Although today there are more and more members of the Latino community who are having success with their artistic careers in the United States, Lin Manuel Miranda Y Eugenio Derbez It is not enough for them and that is why, along with several other personalities, they decided to publicly express their disagreement.

Through an extensive letter, the actors demanded from producers and directors that film and television projects have greater diversity in their stories and that from now on the exclusion of Latinos, above all, be ended once and for all when this is given by following social stereotypes without any sense.

“We are furious at the continued lack of Latino representation in our industry, especially from black and indigenous members of our community. Our stories are important and that they erase us from the screen contributes to the prejudice that prevents real change in this country and that continues to be very frequent “says the writing.

Likewise, the massive expresses five points that they want to be met:

“Don’t tell stories about us without us”

“Approve our projects”

“Represent all aspects of our life and our culture”

“Instead of holding us back, invest in our growth”

“Hire us for non-Latino projects.”

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