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The #VoteLikeAMadre campaign is launched with the support of Jennifer López, Eva Longoria Bastón, Salma Hayek, Roselyn Sánchez, among other celebrities, in support of initiatives against climate change

The #VoteLikeAMadre campaign seeks to boost the power of Latina mothers to encourage their community to vote, prioritizing leaders who care about the new generations and are committed to fighting climate change.

Led by the Latino Victory Project (non-partisan organization), #VoteLikeAMadre has the support of great Latin celebrities such as Jennifer López, Eva Longoria Bastón, Salma Hayek, Roselyn Sánchez among others; and recognized influencers like Marinés Duarte, Mónica Fonseca and Ana Flores.

“Max and Emma are my world. When I think about what their lives will become if we ignore the impact our planet is having with climate change, it breaks my heart. We need to do something and take action NOW. That is why I make my promise to #VoteLikeAMadre for leaders who believe in science and will work to protect the environment, ”stated Jennifer Lopez.

He Pinky promise features photos and videos of moms with their children and women in general, pledging to fight climate change and challenging friends to do the same

“There is nothing more important for a mother than to ensure the well-being, health and future of our children. The good news is that we can make a big difference with one very simple action: VOTE! ”, Said Marinés Duarte.

All mothers can participate in the initiative, as follows.

  • Take a picture taking your Pinky Promise (promise) that you will watch over to protect the future of your children and fight against climate change.
  • Post the photo or video of your pledge with #VoteLikeAMadre on social media and invite your friends to join using #VoteLikeAMadrechallenge.
  • Make a plan to vote on November 3 (or earlier, depending on the dates in your area).

Find out why JLo promised her children to #VoteLikeAMadre: https://bit.ly/36MYCLh

For more information and join #VoteLikeAMadre and make a Pinky promise visit www.VoteLikeAMadre.com.



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