David Tennant lifts lid on ‘unlikely’ marriage to fellow Dr Who star’s daughter


David Tennant has described his relationship with wife Georgia as “unlikely”, and that marrying her felt “a bit stupid” because he and her dad both starred in Doctor Who.

Georgia, 35, admitted she and David, 49, only got together because she worked so hard on wooing him that she was almost like “a stalker”.

The pair, who wed in 2011 and have five kids, also spoke about how their youngest child Birdie almost died weeks after birth but was saved by the NHS.

David, who portrayed the Doctor between 2005 and 2010, met actress Georgia – whose dad Peter Davison played the part in the 1980s – while filming an episode of the BBC show in 2008.

She was playing the role of the Time Lord’s cloned daughter.

David and Georgia met in 2008

On her romance with David, Georgia said during a joint interview: “I very much forced it into happening, didn’t I?

“I was very much the driving force. Had I not worked quite so hard, it might not have happened.

“I just mean you couldn’t believe that was why I was messaging you 400 times a day. You thought maybe I was lonely and wanted a chat.

“I very much fell into stalker category. Thank goodness I did, though.

“I thought, ‘This is going to be good, I’ll persevere until he gives in’.”

David said: “That makes it sound like I was resistant, which was not what happened. I thought we were an unlikely life partnership, I suppose. There is a bit of an age gap.

Georgia, 35, admitted she and David, 49, only got together because she worked so hard on wooing him that she was almost like “a stalker”

“Because Doctor Who had run through my life like a stick of rock, to end up marrying the daughter of one of the Doctors, it all felt a bit stupid… that wasn’t really likely to happen. So there were a lot of things against it.”

The pair also told the That Gaby Roslin Podcast, which is released on Monday, how Birdie was treated in intensive care shortly after being born last October.

Georgia said: “Our baby was very ill. But because our NHS is amazing, they saved her.” David said: “We were very lucky.”

Birdie is thought to have had her first screen role alongside her parents when the couple co-starred as themselves in BBC comedy series Staged which was filmed in their home during lockdown.

David portrayed the Doctor between 2005 and 2010

In June, David Tennant and Georgia acted alongside each other in the BBC drama.

Tennant and Michael Sheen starred as two actors whose West End play has been put on hold due to Covid-19, but whose director has persuaded them to try to rehearse on Zoom.

Tennant and Sheen took on more petulant and egotistical versions of himself with Georgia also playing herself and Sheen’s real life girlfriend Anna Lundberg also involved.

David also told the podcast that when he was three he informed his family he wanted to be the Doctor.


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