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“Canelo” Álvarez sends a message to Trump in defense of Latinos: “We come to work” | The NY Journal

Facing the next elections in the United States, the Mexican boxer ratifies his sayings from 5 years ago

Saúl Álvarez has no regrets about what he said about Trump in 2015.

Amanda Westcott / DAZN

A few days before the presidential elections in the United States, Saúl Álvarez ratified the message he sent to Donald Trump in 2015 and once again defended the Latino community.

On that occasion, Before the 2016 elections, “Canelo” attacked Trump for the offenses towards the community he represents.

“Latinos come to work, to get ahead, it’s the only thing we come to do and I am with the Latinos, I am one of them, who comes to get ahead and what that man is doing offends us“He said 4 years ago when Trump called Mexicans” rapists, “among other things.

Now, less than a month before the new votes, the Mexican boxer confirmed his position during an interview he offered to CNN: “(My opinion) It has not changed and I reiterate it. They are not words to speak to us like that. As I said, here people come to work. Latinos come to work and now yes to the “American dream” as they say. I don’t regret it because I said what I had to say“, He pointed out to the presenter Elizabeth Pérez in the advance of the talk that can be seen in its entirety on October 20 on the program Triunfadores del Deporte.

It is expected that in the broadcast the world champion in 4 different categories Also talk about your future and the reasons that have prevented you from entering the ring in 2020.


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