Saba Saudagar: There are a lot of people to misguide you and take advantage of you


The current climate in the entertainment industry with controversies pilling up, has been hard for everyone to come to terms with, and even harder for new actors. Saba Saudagar, who is taking baby steps in the film industry, says that while not everyone in the industry is bad, she agrees that there are some who can be harmful.

“We always are made up of the choices we make, everywhere you go you come across good and bad people. It’s just that you’ve to have your head on your shoulder and be cautious. I never fell prey to temptations around me, I just chose he path where I worked harder and was patient,” shares the actor.

Saudagar, who has starred in web series Booo Sabki Phategi, Gandi Baat and the recent, Crackdown, feels that the key for everyone is to not get lured by short cuts. 

“It should not matter what people try to lure you into and what temptations you have around. The right path may not be easy but will sustain you for a longer period of time. There are a lot of people to misguide you and take advantage of you, but you must be sensible enough to not fall into such things,” she asserts.

And that’s why, feels the actor, that it’s pertinent to have a mentor in the industry, who will be a guide whenever you reach a dead end.

“There’s too little time and you cannot keep making the mistakes again and again because then you’ll be out of sight and out of mind. Having a mentor always helps and you can learn from other people’s experiences as well,” Saudagar says.

The actor, however, reveals she had to learn things the hard way. “Unfortunately, I had not come across the right people and wasted some time initially. There’ll be a lot of people who will become self-claimed mentors but in the hindsight they have different motives,” she concludes.


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