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The company is taking legal action to defend an iconic tennis model

Nike sues the Warren Lotus brand for selling shoes very similar to the Nike Dunks

The Beaverton, Oregon-based company filed a lawsuit against the Warren Lotas brand on Wednesday.

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Nike is suing the Los Angeles clothing brand, Warren lotas, for the alleged production and sale of fake sneakers “Nike Dunk“According to court documents.

The trademark lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles, contends that Warren Lotas is promoting and selling a tennis shoe that is “confusingly similar” to the famous Dunk sneaker, and is adorned with an almost identical copy of the famous design. Swoosh from Nike.

The complaint mentions that “Warren Lotas just announced these shoes, but there is already confusion in the market as to whether they are legitimate customizations or illegal counterfeits.” Warren Lotus is using the trade dress and famous design Swoosh of Nike to promote and sell their counterfeits.

“Warren Lotas intentionally created the confusion, and is attempting to exploit it, among other things, by using the Nike Dunk trademark,” the lawsuit says.

The slipper Dunk It was popularized in 1986 among college athletes who played basketball and spread as the skating community adopted it in 2000. From then on, Dunk shoes became popular thanks to the collaboration of designers, artists and musicians who created sneakers. limited editions.

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A pair of original Nike Dunk sneakers sold at auction for $ 18,000, according to the StockX site.

Nike wants a federal judge in Los Angeles to order the immediate cessation of the manufacture and sale of the supposedly “confusingly similar” sneakers by Warren Lotas, in addition to damages for “each and every profit obtained as a result of Warren Lotas’ acts in violation of Nike’s rights, ”the lawsuit says.

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