New York Mayor Dismisses Cuomo and Trump Fund Cut Threats; governor responds: “don’t challenge me” | The NY Journal


War of territorial authority spreads between regional Democratic leaders

New York Mayor Dismisses Cuomo and Trump Fund Cut Threats; governor responds:

Brooklyn and Queens: New Battleground

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Although Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and President Donald Trump (R) insult each other and do not hide their differences, in the past they were friends and today they have one thing in common: criticizing the unpopular Mayor (D) of New York, Bill de Blasio.

Both have threatened in recent weeks to withhold funds from NYC, citing anarchy, increased crime, trash accumulated and, now, lack of authority in neighborhoods living a regrowth of coronavirus.

But yesterday De Blasio dismissed those threats, calling them “boastful”, causing an immediate response from Cuomo: “Don’t challenge me.” Again, they both had a exchange of hints through the press, without meeting face to face.

“I am very used to bragging since Washington and Albany. I’ve heard a lot about it, ”De Blasio told reporters during a press conference yesterday at City Hall when asked about Cuomo’s threats.

“I understand bravado when I see it, but here we have a job to do: protect New Yorkers. That’s what I focus on every day, ”added the mayor.

Cuomo on Wednesday threatened to withhold state funding for schools found to be operating in NYC’s high coronavirus “red zones”.

Television cameras had captured active yeshivas in South Brooklyn, where the state last week imposed new restrictions, including the school closings, non-essential businesses and capacity limits in places of worship, sparking protests and lawsuits from Orthodox Jews and the Diocese of Brooklyn.

De Blasio said yesterday that it will not be known until Sunday if those restrictions, which require a minimum of 14 days, can be lifted by the end of next week. But shortly after, speaking during his own conference call with reporters, Cuomo said it would be his decision as governor.

He called the decision to lift the new coronavirus restrictions “a total state decision” and not a municipal one.

“It is too early to tell. So let’s stop playing this game where local officials talk about things they have no authority over and then confuse people ”, Cuomo said in a clear reference to de Blasio.

Shortly before, the mayor had used the mis term when telling journalists that he is “deeply concerned about the threat of a second wave [de coronavirus] (…) My job is to stop a second wave, not to play games, not to focus on the threats ”, cited New York Post.



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