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“We will have a completely renovated studio with a new and fresh look and with the same commitment as always”

‘Al Rojo Vivo’: Telemundo confirms changes and new presenters

The new era of ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

Telemundo / Telemundo

Yes, as we tell you exclusively, ‘Red Hot’ begins a new era totally renewed, from its logo, the studio, the set design and the presenters.

Through his Instagram account, the Telemundo afternoon show, he shared that Jessica Carrillo She remains as the official presenter, and Antonio Texeira, a Spanish journalist who until now was part of the Las Vegas branch as news anchor, joins.

“Important announcement! #AlRojoVivo starts a new stage with @jessica_carrillo and @AntonioTexeira_ as new presenters. We will have a completely renovated studio with a new and fresh look and with the commitment of always to bring you the best exclusives, current news and the best of the entertainment world. The new facet begins this coming October 26. So get ready, today begins the countdown to this new stage of the show “says the Telemundo afternoon show on their Instagram account where they unveil the new logo.

Since two months ago, when Maria Celeste Arrarás She was fired from her show, everything was so surprising, even for her, that little was known about the direction that ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ would take, and many even thought it would be canceled.

In the transition to what they are now announcing, they would have thought of Myrka dellanos, Who resigned in solidarity with her friend. Then they brought from New York Rebeka Smyth and when Jessica Carrillo left maternity, she was added Rodner Figueroa.

However, despite the fact that Rebeka and Rodner would not have met the expectations of this transition, since the decision to leave María Celeste, this strategy has always been drawn up by the network’s news executives.

What are they looking for? A new face, accompanied by the youngest face of the show and the network to how much news, identification of all the public, both male and female and above all, they would be looking to have someone similar to Borja Voices, the male figure of ‘First impact’.

For this new stage to begin on October 26, Jessica will shorten her maternity period and Antonio will move from Las Vegas to Miami.

Who is Antonio Texeira? He was born in Extremadura, Spain, is 39 years old, and received a degree in journalism in that country.

In an interview with Radio Televisión Española, he assured that he chose the career because he wanted to give voice to injustices and had he not been a journalist, he would have studied law for the same reason.

Winner of 2 Emmys, Texeira says that her references in life are her parents. “I admire my father, for his example at work, and my mother, for his way of being and understanding life”.



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