With a transparent dress, David Bisbal’s wife, Rosanna Zanetti, showed off her beauty and pregnancy | The NY Journal


The pregnancy of Rosanna Zanetti, the wife of singer David Bisbal, was reason enough for her to feel sexy and wear a suit that showed her entire body

With a transparent dress, David Bisbal's wife, Rosanna Zanetti, showed off her beauty and pregnancy

Rosanna Zanetti and David Bisbal.

Álvaro Cabrera / Getty Images

To the couple formed by David Bisbal Y Rosanna zanetti He only has a few weeks left to welcome their second child together, a girl who will soon become the boy’s best playmate Matteo, first-born of the marriage, and of the adorable She, the first daughter of the Almeria interpreter and his ex-partner Elena Tablada.

To celebrate this exciting final stretch, the Venezuelan actress has once again made herself available to the most professional cameras to star in an elegant photoshoot that, of course, portray her dazzling with her bulging pregnant belly and the elegant outfits for which she has chosen to be immortalized. The snapshots, in which the artist has also participated, have not needed any text to express the illusion with which the two lovers face this sweet wait.

One of the issues that has raised the highest levels of debate in the comments section of the photographs lies precisely in the dimensions of her tummy, which is apparently more voluminous than the one she had. Rosanna in your first pregnancy. She, for her part, has not entered to assess this hypothesis, although she did acknowledge at the time that she was experiencing some mobility problems that she did not remember with such intensity from her previous experience in motherhood.

“So we go, almost nine months. Swollen, certain shoes or rings no longer fit me, sleeping great [nótese la ironía de sus palabras]If something falls to the ground, it ceases to exist for me. Bend? What is that? I’m not so agile at this point, but it’s the last stage“, Revealed in another Instagram post.



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