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He left his house saying that he was going to work, but …

Abraham Muyunda left home that morning like any other day, saying that he was on his way to work, but when his spouse, Caroline mubitaHe found out from his neighbors where he really was, didn’t think twice and went looking for him.

The man was in a church getting married for the second time when the angry wife interrupted the ceremony, and everything was recorded on video. Caroline appeared at the temple carrying one of Muyunda’s three children on her back.

Upon entering the church, he began to shout that the ceremony could not take place because Muyunda was already married. In the images, the infidel looks down and puts a hand on his forehead when he knows he is discovered. You can also hear the surprised expressions of the guests and Caroline approaching the altar where the bride, in her white dress, looks at the woman.

The assistants try to prevent the wife from reaching the bride and groom, but nothing reassures her. The events occurred in a Catholic church in Chainda, a neighborhood in the city of Lusaka, capital of Zambia.

According to the Zambian Observer, the man was turned over to authorities and could be charged with bigamy, for which he could face up to seven years in prison. The same publication notes that the bride knew the man’s marital situation and that she even sponsored what was to be his wedding.

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