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The best sites and applications to help you earn extra money

The best sites and applications to help you earn extra money

The best sites and applications to help you earn extra money

Opinion polls

Do you like sharing your opinion? It turns out that they also pay for it! By filling out forms online, you can earn hundreds of pounds a year. And if you sign up on multiple platforms, you can make even more profits. In this case, you do not need to have any knowledge or talents. Just tell us what powder you usually wash your clothes with or why you prefer to shop at a particular supermarket.

i-Say Is one of the most generous platforms where money earned is converted into vouchers. You can get up to £ 1.80 for participating in the survey.

Swagbucks he pays virtual money for participating in polls and performing short online tasks, which can then be transferred to PayPal or exchanged for vouchers from Amazon, John Lewis and others.

PopulusLive specializes in research in the fields of business, culture and politics. This site is popular as it pays around £ 1 for every 5 minutes you spend completing the survey. You can receive money via money order or cash a check.

Crowdology makes payment through PayPal and, unlike other sites, does not use a points system, you just get money for filling out forms. The cost of the survey is from £ 0.40 to 10.

Curious cat – an application for filling out questionnaires on the go. In-app surveys are short and pay an average of £ 0.50 each. You can withdraw money via PayPal as soon as you earn £ 1.

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Search with Qmee

You can also get paid simply for searching the Internet. Program Qmee will be in the browser of your device, and you will not need to do anything new: continue to search for things you are interested in the same way as usual, using Google, Safari, Ebay, Chrome and other programs. Qmee, in turn, will show additional results for your search or advertising, clicking on which you will also receive money (up to 15p). What’s more, you can download Qmee to your smartphone, but the app only focuses on polling (fees up to £ 1.50).


This service allows you to return part of the money from purchases on the Internet. If you often shop online, be sure to register on one of the sites such as Quidco and TopCashbackand save. To find out what cashback you can expect, enter the name of the store where you want to make a purchase on the selected site.

Gift hunter club

Here you collect points for watching videos, reading texts, participating in polls and competitions, as well as for completing other simple tasks. Moreover, as the name of the site suggests Gift hunter club (, you are also hunting for prizes. You can transfer points to your PayPal account or receive vouchers at famous stores.

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