Corona In The World: German Chancellor Angela Merkel Said – The Situation In The Country Is Worrying, Health Emergency In France – Curfew Was Imposed in Paris; 3.87 Crore Cases In The World

The number of infected people in the world has reached more than 3.87 crore. The number of recovering patients has exceeded 2 crore 91 lakh 49 thousand 291. The death toll has crossed 10.96 lakh. These figures are according to

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday acknowledged that the situation in the country has worsened due to the transition. The government is preparing to take strict action. On the other hand, curfew has been imposed in Paris. The French government had already warned about this.

Corona has the greatest impact in these 10 Countries:

Country Infected Deaths Recovered

Germany: The situation is serious

German Chancellor Angela Merkel clarified on Wednesday night that the situation has worsened due to the second wave of transition in the country. “There are no two opinions that we are in an epidemic and the situation is now serious,” Merkel said in a statement. We want the infected to be detected and treated. All the concerned health organizations of the country are supporting in this work. Cases are increasing everyday. The economy is a concern, so we can’t impose another lockdown, as other European countries are doing.

बुधवार रात जर्मनी के बर्लिन शहर की एक सूनी सड़क से गुजरती लड़की। जर्मनी में बुधवार को 5,132 नए मामले सामने आए। चांसलर एंजेला मर्केल ने कहा- इकोनॉंमी तबाह न हो, इसलिए हम यूरोप के दूसरे देशों की तरह लॉकडाउन नहीं कर सकते।
A girl walks down a deserted street in Berlin, Germany, on Wednesday night. There were 5,132 new cases in Germany on Wednesday. Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “The economy should not be ruined, so we cannot lockdown like other countries in Europe.”

France: Curfew in 8 cities, including Paris

The French government has again declared a health emergency in the country. On Wednesday, 22 thousand 950 new cases came to light here. Then came Prime Minister Emanuel Macron. He said- we are imposing health emergency again.

There will be curfew in 9 cities of the country including Paris from 9 pm to 6 am, meaning people will not be able to leave their homes. Macron made it clear that the government would take strict action regardless of the protests. It is believed that the curfew will last for about four weeks. “The situation is worrying, but it is not out of control,” said the mayor of the city of Marseille. According to the French Ministry of Health, more than three lakh cases have come to light here in three weeks. At present 32% of the ICU beds in the country are full. All of them have Kovid-19 patients.

US: President Trump’s son Baron was also infected

Baron Trump, the 14-year-old son of US President Donald Trump, also had a corona, but now he is fine. Baron was found infected after his mother and father tested positive. However, they did not have any symptoms. Later, when he was tested again with his mother, his report came back negative.

Trump’s wife Melania Trump made the announcement on Wednesday. He said- he is a strong teenager, he did not show any symptoms. Meanwhile, Trump mentioned this at a rally in Iowa. In the US, 81 lakh 50 thousand 43 cases have come to light so far and more than 2.21 lakh deaths have occurred.

Brazil: Third round trial canceled

The American company Johnson & Johnson has also stopped its vaccine trial in Brazil at the moment. The Brazilian Health Agency said in a statement issued on Tuesday night that more information could not be obtained at this time. However, trials of the third phase of the vaccine are currently being stopped. Some reports say the trials have been halted after a volunteer in the US became seriously ill following a vaccine trial. Vaccine trials of two companies are being conducted in Brazil. Johnson & Johnson is one of them.

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