8-year-old girl dies after being punished for jumping for many hours on a trampoline | The NY Journal


On August 29, the police of Odessa, in Texas, answered the call for help from a family who reported that her 8-year-old “daughter” Jaylin did not show any kind of vital sign.

After conducting the pertinent investigations, the authorities They discovered that the girl unfortunately lost her life at the hands of her guardians, since according to the minor’s relatives, they constantly mistreated her.

The day of his death, Jaylin was severely punished; first they forbid him to eat breakfast and also, his punishment consisted of jumping without stopping on a trampoline, under high temperatures that that day reached 43 ° C.

The autopsy revealed that the girl died from severe dehydration that this corrective caused him, because also He was forbidden to drink water while jumping.

The guardians, Daniel Schwarz, 44, and his wife Ashley, 34, were arrested. Both face murder charges. The biological parents of the minor are unknown.

In case the couple is found guilty, they could face the death penalty.



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