Trump Said – Sleepy Biden Will Give Relief To China, China Is The Biggest Threat To America At This Time

The US presidential election is less than three weeks away. After recovering from the Corona infection, President Donald Trump has once again started a series of rallies. Trump arrived in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night after Florida on Monday. Here he castigated the Democrat Party and its presidential candidate Joe Biden. Said- If Biden wins, China will benefit. They will remove the tariffs that our government has imposed on China.

I took tough decisions against China

Addressing thousands of supporters, Trump said- I took the most harsh decisions against China during my tenure. We saved jobs in the US. I imposed a heavy duty on China and gave this money to my farmers. We withdrew our profits from China. There is still a lot of work to be done in this matter. If Biden wins, imagine China won. If I win, Pennsylvania will win, America will win.

Speech with the advice of advisors

In the second round of the campaign, Trump is advising advisers before the speech. He used telepromputers for speeches in Pennsylvania and Florida. Its purpose was clear that they could reach the right message to the people. That is, talk on issues, do not stray from them. The Trump campaign is now focusing on states where it is weak. The president accused Biden in Johnstown of sending jobs out of America. Will shut down factories and destroy cities.

Problem while giving Speech

At the Pennsylvania rally, it was once again clear that Trump was having trouble speaking. However, like Florida, he also tried to show himself healthy here. On Biden he said- I am facing the worst candidate in American history. Its pressure is on me. It would be difficult to believe if I lost to him. According to the national surveys that have come so far, Trump is now trailing by double digits (ie by more than 10 points).

Trump tried to make up for the loss. For this, Biden’s mental health was again made an issue. Said- Biden does not even know what he is saying. Can I lose an election against such a person. If this happens, I will never come to Pennsylvania again

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