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At 46 years old and with a long career in Hispanic television, Luz Elena González She has become one of the most beautiful actresses in show business. From time to time she shares spicy photos on social networks in which she shows off her slim figure.

The actress of “A lucky family” told her followers the reasons why she takes care of her diet and one was very controversial.

“I have to take care of myself and maintain myself, not only because of my career, since I am with my partner he likes me thin and there is pressure”, He expressed in conversation with his followers through social networks.

“I like food, but I have to put up with it”, added.

Luz Elena has been married since 2009 to the businessman Bernardo Martínez, with whom he had two children.

The expression caused some disagreements among his female fans, who felt there should be no physical conditioning in a relationship.

Luz Elena added that there are also health reasons to stay balanced in your diet.

“It is a lifestyle, I have a great advantage and disadvantage … I am a lot of roast meats, but I really like bread and tortillas … I am celiac (gluten intolerant), I have hypothyroidism, with all these issues or it takes care of you or you take care of yourself ”.

“With my pregnancies I gained weight, but with work I lost them”, concluded the beautiful Mexican actress.

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