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After a great game and a verbal altercation by its captain, the albiceleste came out ahead

Lionel messi He was more captain than ever of the albiceleste Y, Thanks in large part to his talent, his team managed to turn the score around and get the second win in a row in the South American qualifiers heading to Qatar 2020.

Despite not being present on the scoreboard, the FC Barcelona star was fundamental in the actions of its combined, as He generated 5 dangerous chances, completed 28 of 32 passes, won 11 of 17 games and was involved in the winning goal.

After the final whistle, Messi engaged in a verbal duel with the rival team’s physical trainer, who, in addition, is Argentine. According to local newspaper reports, Lucas Navas the coaching staff member told Messi something that made him react furious and say: “Your mother’s shell, peeled”. Then the discussion continued with words that are not perceived from Navas and then it is read on Messi’s lips: “What’s the matter, pelado? You were screaming the whole game, asshole. What are you doing quilombo for? You’re yelling at me the whole game from the bench. You don’t have to come fuck me “.

Before that, during the match, it was 1-0 for Martins, who scored a header for the locals, which allowed them to dominate the first half, until the Albiceleste woke up in the last 10 minutes of the first half, when Lautaro Martinez signed the rebound tie. The 2-1 came near the end of the match through Joaquin Correa, after the same Toro wasted two clear opportunities granted by Messi.

Four years had to pass for the Argentine team to win a World Cup qualifying match without goals from Messi, since it had not done so since March 2016, when they beat Chile 1-2 with goals from Mercado and Di María. In the next six games Leo always scored.



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