Latinas killed in fire in New Jersey rise to 5: hospitalized mother died | The NY Journal

Merlin Vásquez (36), mother of two of the minors who died in the fire of October 5 in Elizabeth (New Jersey), died after being hospitalized in critical condition.

With his death, announced yesterday, the victims are raised to five from the raging fire, all of Salvadoran origin: the little sisters Daniela (8) and Paola Márquez (10), daughters of Vásquez. Also the girl Elizabeth Correa (11) and Mrs. Cándida Martínez de Reyes (41), who orphaned four children.

The fire apparently started in a ground floor business and quickly spread to a second floor furniture store, where the five victims were. Because it is also a residential building, 24 people were left homeless.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but authorities have said it may have started at a soda machine in the ground floor business, he said. Pix11.

It has also been reported that there was no fire escape on the second floor and that the victims tried to open a back door, but an iron gate blocked the exit. The three bereaved families have called for an investigation.

Have settled threes pages on GoFundMe to help the Márquez Vásquez, Martínez and Correa families.

Furniture in a store and other materials helped fuel the flamessaid Elizabeth Fire Director Patrick Byrnes. There was also a party supplies business that contained helium tanks. A witness claimed that he heard small “explosions” from that establishment.


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