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The ungovernable Kate del Castillo, continues to work very hard even in full contingency. The proof is that in a few days the recordings of the third season of The Queen of the South. This was released exclusively to Canton Group, the father of controversial U.S.-based actress Don Eric del Castillo.

“Kate is doing very well, seeing about various projects, right now she is doing something very important… She always talks to me about her things and I am very happy that she is doing so well. For now, the recordings of the third season of La Reina del Sur are starting. She has her own company and is very comfortable doing her own productions ”.

The new installment promises to have a lot of action. “The recordings are going to take place in various locations in Central and South America. From what she told me, the plot is going to be very good, with a lot of action. It’s not because she’s my daughter but Kate is very talented and a very good actress. The best thing is that with her productions, Kate employs many colleagues, “said the actor.

Regarding why Don Eric will no longer participate in the movie Los Juniors, the actor shared. “In this movie, I was going to play the character of The President, but we no longer reached an agreement. What happened is that they wanted me to learn thousands of dialogues and I told them that I wanted to work with a prompter, they didn’t like the idea and well, we no longer reached any agreement “, said the actor.

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