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Galilea Montijo was all the rage in

Galilea Montijo.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Galilea Montijo She is one of the best dressed stars on television and this Tuesday she caused a stir with a tight carmine dress that showed her curves.

The host of “Hoy” from Televisa appeared on the show showing her beauty, it cannot be ignored that her legs continue to attract the attention of locals and strangers.

By sharing her “look” on Instagram, her own peers reacted and surrendered to her style.

Andrea Escalona placeholder image, Martha Carrillo and Karla Gómez commented on the publication of “Gali”.

Paul Stanley joked if his high heels were to correct flat feet.

The truth is that the presenter of “Pequeños Gigantes USA” dictates fashion on the small screen.

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