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A second stimulus check could have an eligibility rule change impacting your final payment | The NY Journal

A new support plan aims to include a second stimulus check that could put more money in your pocket

The IRS will review an eligibility requirement that could have an impact on the size of your check.

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President Donald Trump is pushing to issue another $ 1,200 stimulus check this year, but a change in the eligibility rules could have a big impact on your final payment. What we know so far.

The latest White House proposal for a $ 1.8 trillion economic stimulus package should sound familiar to those who received the first stimulus check earlier this year, but it makes a big difference.

The Trump administration plan aims to include a second stimulus check that I could give you more money for your pocket. But the latest proposal would also have the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) review an eligibility requirement that could have a big impact on the size of your check.

How would it affect?

The change in the new support project would reserve more money for dependent children who received the first stimulus check. This announcement could mean a higher payment for families in general, so they wouldn’t change much for people without dependents.

Regardless of the stimulus negotiations that have taken place between the White House and the Democrats, the change is still important. The change in stimulus allocation in this regard could very well appear in a final law, rather than just being an idea to allocate a different amount of money to dependents, not only to minors.

The eligibility rules for the control of stimuli have several requirements and exceptions. They start with your adjusted gross income from your taxes, but may differ from person to person depending on whether you are or have a dependent, an adult, a senior citizen, or a retiree.

Also the requirements to qualify for a second stimulus check could be based on whether you are in the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, SSDI and whether you are a citizen living abroad or a citizen of a United States territory.

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During the first installment of stimulus checks the IRS and the Treasury Department sent more than 160 million of those payments via direct deposit or by mail in the following months.

While the talks on Capitol Hill could return to deliver another stimulus package, a second round of checks for $ 1,200 it still seems like a long shot to hundreds of Americans.

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