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VIDEO: International goalkeeper makes the most shameful mistake in the League of Nations | The NY Journal

Ofir Marciano made headlines around the world for his action.

Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

The goalkeeper of Israel’s national team, Ofir Marciano, starred in the largest and most unusual “bear” so far in League of Nations of Europe.

As if he were a rookie, the national goalkeeper, the one who is supposedly the best in the country, He tried to control a teammate’s delayed pass with his foot, but could not do it correctly and the ball passed by, dramatically entering his goal.

The terrible failure cost his team to put themselves down 0-1 against the Czech Republic team, just at minute 14 of the match.

Your computer could no longer recover after this failure, and you could say that it caused them defeat, as those of the Czech Republic extended their advantage at minute 47, while those of Israel discounted to 55 ’, but they no longer managed to tie the score, so fell 1-2 at home during the third date of the tournament.


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