Trump accuses Biden of having ‘dementia’, claims he ‘was never nice’ in early-morning tweet storm


Donald Trump claimed Tuesday that since Democratic nominee Joe Biden could not remember Mitt Romney’s name Monday when referencing the Republican senator, he must have dementia.

‘Mitt can’t be thrilled about this! Joe also said yesterday he’s running for the U.S. Senate (again) and totally forgot where he was (wrong State!),’ the president wrote in an early morning Twitter rampage, pointing to other gaffes from the former vice president on the campaign trail.

Trump added: ‘Joe has never been a nice or kind guy, so it’s easier to find this obvious & rapidly getting worse ‘dementia’ unacceptable for USA!’

The president linked to an article with video of Biden speaking to reporters on the Tarmac Monday about the confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

He said the mother of seven should not have to face questions over her religion from senators who claim she won’t be able to separate her morals – as a devout Catholic – from her position on the Supreme Court.

‘No, I don’t think there should be any questions about her faith,’ Biden said, adding a personal anecdote about the time he and President Barack Obama ran against Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

‘I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon—the governor,’ Biden said of Romney’s religion. 

Donald Trump took aim at Joe Biden's most recent gaffe forgetting Mitt Romney's name, claiming the Democratic nominee has 'dementia'

Donald Trump took aim at Joe Biden’s most recent gaffe forgetting Mitt Romney’s name, claiming the Democratic nominee has ‘dementia’

Trump launched an early morning Twitter spree on Tuesday where he sent out more than 50 tweets and retweets in less than two hours.

In one tweet, he brought up Biden’s refusal to answer questions on whether he would pack the Supreme Court and demanded he release a list of who he would consider nominating as a justice should he become president and get that chance.

‘He must create a list, like I did!’ Trump tweeted. ‘Always considered most important Presidential decision. Voter’s entitled to know!!!!’

Two Supreme Court Justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, were nominated and confirmed under Trump. If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, she would be the unprecedented third nominee to make in through in Trump’s first term.

His tweet storm included reupping attacks on the would-be second debate moderator, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully – who he claims is a ‘Biden lover.’

He also took aim at the small turnout for Biden’s campaign event in Toledo, Ohio on Monday and accused the presidential candidate of seeming sick and playing with his mask.

The president claims he tested negative for coronavirus two days in a row after first testing positive overnight on October 1. Trump spent three nights at Walter Reed Medical Center and after a few days back at the White House claimed he was ‘cured’ of the virus and is now ‘immune.’

Medical professionals are unsure so far if COVID-19 antibodies make a person immune from catching the disease again.

During Trump’s rally in Florida Monday night, he mocked his Democrat rival for stating he was ‘running for Senate’ – using the momentary lapse as more evidence of his claim that Biden is unfit for office.

Trump, 74, has made the age and frequent gaffes of Biden, 77, a recurrent line of attack in his campaign against the former vice president. 

Joe Biden was campaigning in Toledo, Ohio on Monday when he made the slip

Joe Biden was campaigning in Toledo, Ohio on Monday when he made the slip

Donald Trump, on stage in Florida on Monday night, was quick to capitalize on the mistake

Donald Trump, on stage in Florida on Monday night, was quick to capitalize on the mistake

Campaigning in Toledo, Ohio on Monday, Biden provided the president with yet more fodder as he addressed United Auto Workers who represent a local General Motors powertrain plant.

Biden spoke in a parking lot with about 30 American-made cars and trucks arrayed nearby.

‘You know, we have to come together. That’s why I’m running. I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate, when I ran as a proud Democrat for vice president, and I’m running as a proud Democrat for president,’ Biden said. 

‘But I promise you this, I will govern as an American president.’ 

The former vice president was a longtime senator from Delaware. 

Biden appeared to make another gaffe on the tarmac, appearing to forget Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s name.

‘I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor,’ he said. 

Romney was the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. 

Trump seized up on it, tweeting: ‘Biden losing big in Florida. Only Fake Polls show otherwise! Bad for Healthcare. Thinks he’s running for the Senate. Forgot Mitt Romney’s name, and where he was! 

”I’m running as a proud Democrat, for the Senate’. Sleepy Joe Biden today. It’s only going to get worse. It is not sustainable for our County – China will own us!!!!’ 

The president was in Sanford, Florida on Monday night and repeated his joke. 

‘Sleepy Joe Biden, not a nice guy, by the way. He had a very bad day today,’ Trump said.

‘If I ever had a day like he had today, they’d say: ‘It’s over. It’s over.’ 

‘He forgot Mitt Romney’s name. He didn’t know what state he was in. And he said today he’s a proud Democrat running for the US Senate.’

Trump joked: ‘Could you imagine if I did that? ‘Great to be with you. It’s great to be a wonderful developer from New York.’ They’d say: ‘he’s out of here. Get him out.”

Biden ‘has got a lot of bad days coming,’ Trump said.

‘The one thing I know for sure, President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, Kim Jong Un – they are 100 per cent sharp. 

‘We have someone running who is not 100 per cent, he’s not 80 per cent, he’s not 60 per cent.’


Trump was back on the campaign trail on Monday, leaving the White House for the first time. President pictured here throwing out ‘Make America Great Again’ face masks into the crowd 

Biden was in Toledo, Ohio, and then Cincinnati to campaign

Biden was in Toledo, Ohio, and then Cincinnati to campaign

The Biden campaign has increased advertising in Ohio lately, even as Trump has scaled back his efforts in the state and elsewhere. Biden’s perceived increases in support have largely come as the president has seen his backing slip in cities – but he is looking to cancel that out by further expanding his already strong support among voters in rural areas.

‘We are thrilled to see Joe Biden wasting a valuable day on the campaign trail visiting a state he cannot win,’ Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh said Monday.

Biden argued that Trump has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic, exacerbating the resulting economic fallout. He said the Trump administration ‘squandered’ the strong economy it inherited from the Obama White House four years ago, and he promised to create new, high-paying union jobs once the country gets the virus under control.

‘He turned his back on you. I promise you, I will never do that,’ Biden told the crowd in Toledo.

In Cincinnati, Biden seized on Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, saying the president’s ‘reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis’ has been ‘unconscionable.’

‘The longer Donald Trump is president,’ Biden added, ‘the more reckless he gets.’  


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