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It seems a difficult task to find delicious and healthy snacks, low in calories, sugar and fat but also nutritious; however, there are. You can even get inspired to personalize your snacks according to your zodiac sign. Here are some ideas to take up according to the suggestions of Skye Alexander, astrologer and author of the book Magickal Astrology in Eating Well.

1. Aries: Chile

According to Alexander, Aries people like it spicy. The quickest and most natural way is to fill chillies like bell peppers or jalapeños. You can opt for tuna or salad with beans, corn and avocado, but the astrologer points out that the lamb is perfect, since the symbol of Aries is the ram. You can also opt for a guacamole with corn chips.

Peppers are one of the fruits with the most vitamin C. Half a cup provides you with the vitamin C you need for the day, it contains 95 mg; while a cup adds almost three times the vitamin C that an orange has (70 mg).

2. Taurus: Beef

For Taurus, meat sandwiches are the best to watch on game day. Go for lean meat. You can prepare some tacos with a corn tortilla and serve with onion, cilantro, radishes and salsa.

“Try the roast beef sliced ​​on Melba toast, sprinkled with horseradish and sprinkled with

3. Gemini: nuts

Along with blue fish and berries, nuts are part of the best brain foods, promote memory and cognitive performance. What does it have to do? Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury, rules the brain.

So nuts are among your best snack options, they are also very healthy, they have proteins, good fats, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that also favor your heart.

4. Cancer: Cheese

“Dairy products belong to Cancer’s domain, so cheese snacks come naturally to you,” Alexander notes. Opt for the low sodium versions. Cottage cheese is an option, it is rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients; and it is also low in calories. It is perfect for a spicy toast, also with fruit and nuts.

5. Leo: chicken wings

For Leos, sweet and spicy snacks like wings turn out to be attractive.

6. Virgo: grains like oats

“Virgo is related to the goddess of grains: her symbol shows a young woman holding a sheaf of wheat,” says Alexander, pointing out that this is why sandwiches made with whole grains are good options, so oatmeal is perfect and the you can combine with nuts and dried fruits.

In addition to giving you satiety, oats help fight inflammation, prevent sudden increases in blood and promote your intestinal health.

7. Libra: Strawberries with chocolate

“Your planetary ruler, Venus, also rules strawberries and chocolate. High in antioxidants, strawberries are the favorite food of the goddess of love, Venus; the fruit even looks like a heart, ”explains Alexander.

Opt for dark chocolate, has the highest amount of cocoa, is rich in flavanols (antioxidants), which can help protect the heart, reduce inflammation, bad cholesterol and is also stimulating.

8. Scorpio: Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an ideal food for Scorpios. You can fill them with cheese and add a little olive oil and fresh herbs.

9. Sagittarius: Hummus

“Sagittarius is the sign of long-distance travel …” Alexander says, recommending experimenting with snacks from a country other than the country of origin like hummus, perfect as a healthy dip.

10. Capricorn: Goat cheese

Because the symbol for Capricorn is the goat, snacks made with goat cheese are the ones. Try the goat cheese on toast with some guacamole.

11. Aquarium: Enchiladas Fruits

Aquarians are spicy personalities, so spicy citrus fruits make good snacks. Alexander says: “Because you love variety, choose fruits in a mix of colors, textures and shapes… the more exotic the better.”

12. Pisces: Crab Cakes with Salmon

Pisces is the sign of the fish. The sandwiches that can be perfect are those with tuna, salmon and shrimp. Options: fish tacos, tostadas or sushi.

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel, in addition to providing protein, vitamins and minerals, are the best source of Omega-3.

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