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Melina León in the skin of Alejandra Guzmán.

Univision / Univision

For the second consecutive gala, Melina Leon could have been the winner of the night of ‘Your face is familiar to me’, but did not succeed. However, he captivated and left everyone with their mouths open when he appeared on the stage of the Sunday reality show Univision, characterized and singing like Alejandra Guzman.

Everything seemed to indicate that the interpretation would not be good, at least Melina herself let it glimpse in a piece that they played before she entered the stage, and where in conversation with Angelica Vale, coach and jury of the show, the Puerto Rican asked him that if he sang hoarsely like Guzmán, he would lose his voice before the show.

Far from being without a voice, Melina shone with her performance, not only with the characterization it seemed that who was in ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ was Guzmán, but by closing her eyes there was no doubt that the one who sang was the rocker.

Of course he received the praise of the four judges: Charytín Goyco, Kany García, Jesús Navarro and Angelica. But what drew attention is how sentimental Melina was both afterwards, and when she had to give the grades with her classmates.

But even more so called attention to the messages that after the show he uploaded to his social networks like the following:

“We have to give ourselves encouragement and support ourselves. As long as we say powerful things to ourselves instead of criticizing ourselves, we will be stronger and more capable. Thanks to all who have written me beautiful messages and for their good wishes with Fè. Worth a lot!!!”.



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