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Jomari Goyso confuses José Luis Rodríguez with Camilo Sesto | The NY Journal

Jomari Goyso.

Univision / Courtesy Univision

If I participated in ‘Your face is familiar to me’, Jomari goyso he would have earned a unanimous zero from the entire jury … Why? Because it confused the characterization of Pablo Montero, who got into the skin of Jose Luis Rodriguez, with the already deceased Camilo Sesto!

As we have told you, ‘Salt and pepper’ returned to Sundays from Univision as support for the reality shows that go first, in this case ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’. In addition to having exclusive interviews, they develop a post show talking about what happened that day.

The bear this past Sunday was taken by Jomari who, we do not know if he was distracted because it was his birthday, but the fashionista, who is generally documented for everything, said that when he saw Pablo Montero he felt his resemblance to Camilo Sesto.

Your co-host, Lourdes stephenShe was silent until she asked him what he was talking about and he clarified that it was not Spanish, but El Puma.

How was Jomari justified? In his defense, he said that he had seen the program in his dressing room without sound, so he assumed it was Camilo Sesto. Apparently he not only saw it without sound, but he also did not read the posters where it said: ‘Pablo Montero is El Puma Rodríguez’.



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