Shivraj’s big pledge: The Chief Minister said- Now before every speech, I will sit on my knees and bow to the people, Madhya Pradesh is my temple & public God

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has now taken a big pledge in the matter of sitting on his knees in Suwasra of Mandsaur two days ago during the by-election in Madhya Pradesh. He said that I want to tell him, now before every speech I will sit on my knee and bow to the public. Madhya Pradesh is my temple and people are my God.

Shivraj further said – If the Congress has not done any development, then how will we talk about development. I do not just walk with coconut. Burst it so that the development work of the people can begin. He said this during the program of giving ownership of his house in the village to the villagers under the Prime Minister’s Proprietorship Scheme. He joined it online. On Sunday, the Prime Minister got the villagers of Sehore, Harda and Dindori in the country as well as their house documents.

On this occasion, Shivraj said that the ownership scheme will directly benefit the beneficiaries. The Prime Minister has given another big gift to farmers and villagers. Families will also be able to take loans from the bank on paper guarantee. We did a fast construction work during the Corona era. Now the Ganges of development will flow in the villages. Congress did nothing, if we work for public development, then we comment on it.Shivraj said on the charge of the Congress coming on its knees – we have sanskars. The task of the Congress is to bow down before the public and crush it. It is a matter of rituals.

Kamal Nath commented a day before..

Shivraj’s response came a day after Kamal Nath commented on his photo. Kamal Nath had pointed out that if public interest is paramount for the leaders, then they do not have to kneel. Kamal Nath wrote that if the leaders do not show false dreams, false sabbagh to the public, do not make false declarations, do not break false electoral coconuts, fulfill their promises made to the public as a promise then they will not have to sit on their knees.

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