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Band-Aids on Trump’s Right Hand Suggest He Is Still Receiving COVID-19 Treatment | The NY Journal

President Trump claims he is cured of COVID-19.

MANDEL NGAN / AFP / Getty Images

Although on Saturday the president Donald trump claimed to be cured of COVID-19, a pair of band-aids on the back of your right hand indicates that you may continue to receive intravenous medication.

“I feel very good. And you?”the president told his supporters at the White House.

Report of Daily Mail indicates that flesh-colored bandages on the hand are a common place used by doctors to administer intravenous fluids, suggesting that you could continue to be treated.

This sparks suspicions that the president has lied about suspending the drugs, as he has told Fox News.

The report adds that the White House has the facilities and staff to provide intravenous treatments to the president in the Medical Unit, a full suite that primarily has active duty military personnel.

This Sunday, President Trump told Fox News that he was “cured” of COVID-19, just over a week after diagnosis, in addition to claim to be “immune” to the virus, when there is no confirmed immunity, since dozens of patients have been infected again.

“So now they have a president who doesn’t have to hide in his basement.”he added in clear reference to his own accusations that the former vice president Joe biden he had been campaigning “from a basement.”


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