Despite the fiscal crisis, New York teachers agree to increase, immobility and payment of millionaire debt | The NY Journal


Mayor Bill de Blasio described the negotiation with the powerful union UFT as “savings”

Despite the fiscal crisis New York teachers agree to increase, immobility and payment of millionaire debt

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New York City and its teachers union reached an agreement to secure a 3% salary increase in 2021, job layoffs and $ 900 million late pay, amid the overwhelming fiscal crisis.

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the City Council agreed yesterday that half of those $ 900 million dollars will be paid this fiscal year and the other part in the next.

“While we acknowledge the terrible financial situation of the city due to the pandemic, the arbitrator’s award makes clear that the city must meet its financial obligations to UFT members. We must remain united against the growing threats to our city and our profession, ”the union wrote last night on its official Twitter account.

He powerful union, that represents the largest school district in the country, also got a commitment from the mayor’s office not to fire any teachers this year and consolidated a salary increase of the 3% previously agreed for May 14, 2021.

“With teachers facing layoffs in New York State and the rest of the nation due to the pandemic’s damage to the economy, we were able to convince the referee to add a promise of no layoff and a guarantee that the next 3% increase established by contract for May, it will not be questioned by the city “, celebrated the president of the UFT, Michael Mulgrew, quoted by New York Post.

The late payments of $ 900 million are derived from union negotiations between 2009 and 2011. “The city faces the most serious fiscal crisis since September 11 (2001), but we will leverage our record of solid financial management by making the tough decisions and sacrifices we need to keep NYC running,” he justified. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who qualified the agreement as “a savings” of $ 450 million dollars when the amount is divided in two.

“This agreement allows us to avoid firing teachers who have done so much for New York City schools and students. But make no mistake the need for the federal and state governments to step up and help us is as urgent as ever ”, the mayor insisted on his request for funds from the government and the White House, although it maintains terrible relations with both instances.



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