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With Governor Cuomo’s geographic plan, and the closure of 169 campuses in neighborhoods with the highest coronavirus infections in Brooklyn and Queens, there are still doubts in the communities

Walking the streets of Rego Park, in Queens, where he works in a restaurant kitchen, Rosa Rodriguez said she was very confused this Thursday, after the Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce the closure of more than a hundred schools, in the geographic locations of the 9 areas and the more than 20 postal zones where the COVID-19 cases are increasing or in surrounding areas.

The Mexican mother, whose child studies at the Hérores school, in Maspeth, near the area of Forrest Hills, who is under intense surveillance, confessed that he did not send the child to be studied and that he entrusted it to a neighbor.

I really do not understand anything of what is happening. Supposedly the school is in a yellow zone, but they say that only the red ones close and the yellow ones don’t, but a friend called me to tell me that her girl’s school was closed since Tuesday, which is in a yellow zone. I do not understand. This is a mess, ”said the immigrant.

Gardenia Cespedeswho has your child at school North Queens Community High School, also shared the same sentiment and although he acknowledged that the institution advised him that they would close the face-to-face classes at the Queens school, he added that did not receive any additional information, from where you can leave your child, since because of your work you cannot take care of him in the morning.

“I would like them to give us options, to tell us:‘ we are going to close, but they can send them to this other school or to this place where they are going to take care of them, while everything is fixed again, but they say nothing. We are just ‘going to close’. It’s like ‘fix yourselves as you can’. It’s not good for anyone ”, complained the Peruvian mother.

And recognizing that there are many doubts among parents, due to the new announcement of the closure of schools in areas affected by the COVID boom and in neighboring areas, (considered a necessary movement to overcome the crisis), the Mayor Bill de Blasio explained how the school closings will work and asked parents to visit the website created to find out if they are located in red, orange, or yellow areas.

“We have outlined, based on state guidance, the schools that must close in the red and orange zones. I want to clarify – again, I submitted a proposal on Sunday, what I thought was the right thing to do. Obviously, it became the basis for what the state did, but the state had a different way of approaching the specific geography ”, said the president, noting that so far a total of 169 institutions.

De Blasio He was also clear in stating that the closure of face-to-face classes, whose affected students will have to join remote lessons, will last at least until the end of the month.

“In the red and orange zones, those schools close for at least two weeks. We have alerted any schools that have not yet been closed, ”said the Mayor, warning that schools that are closing have informed parents.

“On Tuesday we closed 108 public schools in coordination with the State, and now we close 61 additional public schools today (Thursday). Families have been alerted since last night, 61 public schools and, again, for a period of two weeks. School sites that were previously closed will remain closed during that two-week period, ”added the New York leader, stating that the rule it is for both public and private schools.

And about what will come next in those schools, De Blasio said: “After two weeks, there will be a full evaluation. It’s the earliest we can talk about, and I emphasize the word earliest, for schools that closed on Tuesday, the earliest they could return is Wednesday, October 21st. But obviously we’ll talk about it before that to tell people which way things are going, if it looks like a reopening could happen earlier or that it will be delayed further. Meanwhile, of course, all children will have remote learning. “

The burgomaster further explained that 308 schools located in yellow zones, who have not closed their face-to-face classes, if they must undergo protocols stringent COVID-19 testing, for which he urged parents to participate responsibly.

“I want to be very, very clear: all the staff, all the students, we need full participation. It is a requirement to be part of the face-to-face school community. So we are sending additional guidance to parents to make it very clear, ”said the Mayor. “And we have sent the forms to parents, both online and on paper, to register for their children to take the test. This is good so that everyone knows what is happening in each school.

Miranda Barbot, spokeswoman for Education deparment, He also stressed that the closure of schools in areas of concern is part of the general plan to prevent New York from falling into a re-outbreak of the virus, adding that they have been doing multiple tests and positive cases have been minimal.

“This decision to close school buildings is one strategy in a comprehensive plan designed to reduce transmission in these specific geographic groups. We have done mobile tests in areas where we are seeing alert sites. Out of 1,859 test results, only two have been positive “said the official.

And while lamenting the closure of her school in Forrest Hills, a 10-grade teenager, who preferred not to give her name, said she felt very bad about the closure of her school this Thursday afternoon and said she felt like she was back again. “Entering a tunnel from which he thought the city had already left.”

Schools in affected areas in numbers

  • 477 schools are in one of the alert areas
  • 169 have already been closed
  • 16 of them in yellow areas of the governor’s distribution, closed Tuesday
  • 66 of the closed schools are in red zones
  • 87 of the closed schools are in orange areas
  • 308 yellows with compulsory tests from 16
  • Schools in the so-called red zones are already closed from Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Schools in the orange zones closed this Thursday
  • Schools in the Yellow Zones will not close, but will be subject to mandatory COVID-19 testing, effective October 16



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