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How do you know if a president is capable of governing? Democrats create a commission to decide | The NY Journal

How do you know if a president is capable of governing? Democrats create a commission to decide | The NY Journal

How do you know if a president is capable of governing? Democrats create a commission to decide | The NY Journal

Nancy Pelosi announced that she will present her proposal on Friday for a commission to assess the president’s ability to perform his duties

WASHINGTON- The Democratic opposition in United States will present this Friday a bill to create a commission that would decide if a president is “capable” of governing, after the concern generated by the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis Donald trump.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, which is the second in the line of presidential succession, will detail its proposal at a press conference tomorrow at 10:15 (14:15 GMT), his office announced this Thursday.

“Come back here tomorrow. We are going to talk about Amendment 25 ”to the US Constitution, Pelosi said during a press conference on Thursday, without giving more information.

Amendment 25, passed in 1967 in the wake of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy four years earlier, describes what should happen if a US president suddenly falls ill, dies, resigns, or is “incapacitated” to serve.

Its fourth section establishes that the vice president of the United States can replace the president if he declares in writing that that president “is incapable of carrying out the powers and duties of his office.”

To do this, however, the vice president must have the support of “a majority of or the main officials of the executive departments”, that is, of the cabinet; or “another type of body that Congress may create by law.”

Democrats, who control the House of Representatives but not the Senate, They seek to create that body that the amendment vaguely mentions, judging from the statement from Pelosi’s office.

“The bill will create the Commission on Presidential Capacity to carry out the powers and duties of the office, which is the body and process that calls for the creation of Amendment 25, so that Congress can help guarantee effective and uninterrupted leadership” in the Chair, indicates the short note.

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Hard to apply to Trump

It’s not clear that Democrats are looking to take action specifically against Trump with that bill, and it seems more likely that they are trying to lay the groundwork for When a situation similar to that of the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis occurs, there are more mechanisms to hold him accountable.

Even if Congress passes the bill soon, unlikely just days before the November election and with a Republican-controlled Senate, the commission would need to ally with Vice President Mike Pence, known for his loyalty to Trump.

Pelosi said Tuesday that she did not believe that Amendment 25 could be applied to Trump before the elections, saying during a ceremony at the 92Y cultural center: “I do not think it will work for this president, for this Presidency.”

However, the Democratic congresswoman said Wednesday that she believes that the steroids Trump has been taking to treat COVID-19 “may have an impact on his thinking.”

Trump reacted to the announcement of Pelosi’s press conference in a terse tweet, in which he stated: “Crazy Nancy is the one who should be under observation. They don’t call her crazy for nothing! “


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