“Why in English, if she is Mexican?”: Kate del Castillo is criticized for not speaking Spanish | The NY Journal


The successful actress sent a powerful message, but only to her English-speaking fans

Kate del Castillo.

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Kate del Castillo He left his native Mexico to succeed in Hollywood and he has done it. That is why the good and the bad are recognized and celebrated every day.

This Wednesday the protagonist of “La Reina del Sur” sent a powerful message through her social networks, in which she recognized herself as a person of effort and invited other women to join her motivational talks.

“I celebrate every day, the good things and the bad … because those things have made me the woman I am today”, he expressed in a video in English through his official Instagram account.

“I do not focus much on the future, or what I have not done … I look back and celebrate what I have achieved, so I tell myself every day, you are doing well, Kate”, he concluded.

The language that Kate used both verbal and written, caused sting among her followers, who demanded that she speak in Spanish.

“Why in English, if she is Mexican”, “I thought she spoke Spanish”, “I prefer you speaking is Spanish with your beautiful accent”, expressed some of her fans on the popular social network.

Kate has always been proud of her roots, but has also assimilated the American culture, in which she has lived for decades.

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