Trump says that catching the coronavirus was “a blessing from God” | The NY Journal


Donald Trump affirmed this Wednesday that contracting coronavirus has been “A blessing from God” because he was able to try medications for his treatment.

“I think this was a blessing from God, to have contracted it. This has been a blessing in disguise“Trump said in a video that he posted on Twitter.

The president said that having contracted COVID-19 allowed him to try the experimental cocktail of the pharmaceutical company Regeneron, which has not yet been approved by the regulatory body, AFood and Drug Administration (FDA), but which Trump called a “cure.”

Trump then promised that the government will approve on an emergency basis, acquire and distribute for free both the Regeneron cocktail and a similar drug from the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly.

“I want for you what I had and I am going to make it free, you are not going to pay for it, it was not your fault that this happened, it was China’s fault,” promised the president.

Trump returned to the Oval Office on Wednesday for his advisers to update him on the progress of Hurricane Delta, which is heading for the southern coast of the United States, but also on talks about a possible stimulus package.

On Tuesday, Trump ordered the suspension of negotiations with Congress to approve a new economic stimulus package for the coronavirus pandemic until after the November 3 elections, although he later tried to back down and asked the House of Representatives to approve a second $ 1,200 check for Americans.



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