Live performances at Dubai Safari Park this weekend


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People attend a show on birds at the Dubai Safari Park on October 4, 2020
Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Do you have any plans for the weekend? This would probably be the best time to head down to the newly-reopened Dubai Safari Park as it will host a series of limited live performances until Saturday, October 10.

Aside from getting up close to a host of wildlife such as lions, rhinoceros, elephants, and giraffes, residents and tourists visiting the park can also enjoy watching live shows at the African and Asian villages. See performers dance along to the rhythm of the beat by traditional African drummers and also enjoy vibrant performers combine drum playing with traditional dancing at the Chinese Drum and Dance show. There will also be a Park Parade throughout the Wadi Area at 4:30pm that will also showcase the African Tribal Show and the Chinese Drum and Dance Show, with more surprises along the way.

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A visitor feeds a giraffe at the Dubai Safari Park on October 4
Image Credit: AFP

The 119-hectare wildlife reserve, Dubai Safari, which is home to over 3,000 animals, re-opened on Monday (October) after 28 months it was temporarily closed for upgrade work in May 2018. The park is located in Al Warqa 5 on Al Aweer Road. It is open daily from 9am to 5om but online reservation is required for entry.

Did you know?

· Dubai Safari Park is home to the UAE’s first African elephants, which are also the heaviest in the park, weighing up to 3,000kg.

The park’s three pride lions eat 120kg of meat each day, almost double of what an average person eats for one year

Dubai Safari Park has an indoor Gorilla exhibit. Gorillas are one of our closest living animal relatives as they share at least 95 per cent of their DNA with humans.

Dubai Safari Park’s tallest mammal is the giraffe, which grows to about 6 meters high (19 feet), and the smallest is the common marmoset, which grows to only 19cm (7 inches)

The park features the UAE’s largest troop of baboons, which are the world’s largest monkeys growing up to 60 to 86 cm (20 to 34 inches) and their tails add an additional 41 to 58 cm (16 to 23 inches) to their length

Dubai Safari Park has the only drive-through Hippo and Tiger exhibit and the world’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit

Ticket prices

General Admission — Dh50 for adults; Dh20 for children

Safari Journey — Dh85 for adults; Dh30 for children


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