“Food for children”: Wedding goes viral for the banquet offered to its guests | The NY Journal


One of the guests at the ceremony shared on Facebook a photo of the dish that was served as she could not believe it

Celebrating a wedding can be very expensive; however, there are things that can be omitted if the budget is not very large.

But One of the things that is virtually impossible to skimp on is the banquet that will be offered to the guests.

However, not all couples think this way. A reflection of this is the photograph of a wedding banquet that went viral and that was shared by one of the guests at the wedding, as it seemed somewhat degrading.

Half a croissant can be seen on the plate served to the wedding guests, along with a glass with some vegetables, two small fruit skewers, and a bag of potato chips.

After the photograph went viral, many netizens have agreed that It is the saddest wedding banquet in the world and there are even those who claim that it seems to be food for children.



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