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White House Blocks New Health Regulations That Would Delay Vaccine Beyond Elections | The NY Journal

Trump has insisted that there will be a vaccine in late October or early November, something that has alarmed scientists

FDA anticipates that an external expert committee can oversee compliance with the new guidelines.


Senior officials in the White House are blocking new federal guidelines on the emergency release of a vaccine against coronavirus. The Government’s argument is that, if applied, the authorization of said vaccine would be delayed beyond the elections of November 3, as published The New York Times.

Faced with the White House lockdown, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking for other ways to ensure that vaccines meet criteria.

One of the alternative options that FDA is considering is to share the standards with a external expert committee that meets publicly before any vaccine is approved for emergency use. This meeting could take place this week, according to the publication of the New York newspaper.

The hope is that the committee will monitor compliance with the guidelines, despite the reaction from the White House.

This fight over vaccine guidelines is part of a war between the government and federal agencies charged with dealing with the pandemic. The officials of the White House have intervened repeatedly to shape decisions and public announcements in an attempt to stage a positive response from the Administration to the health crisis.

This behavior has caused more and more career officials and political appointees to become involved in the Administration’s fight against the virus. be concerned, as the Times points out.

President Donald Trump has already advanced that there will be a vaccine before the elections – within 29 days – and has insisted on a possible “surprise”, something that has generated alarm among scientists.


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