Sharis Cid boasts how well he gets along with Arturo Peniche’s wife: “For more days like this” | The NY Journal


The actress shared a video with which she verifies that there is no conflict of any kind between her and Gaby Ortiz

After a magazine claimed that Sharis Cid It was the third in discord so Arturo Peniche make the decision to separate from Gaby ortiz, to whom he was married for 38 years, the actress used her social networks to show off how well she gets along with her mother-in-law.

Although Cid She has repeatedly denied that she is in a relationship with the soap opera heartthrob, once again she showed that there is no conflict of any kind between her and her daughter’s mother-in-law. And it is that, through her official Instagram account, she shared a video in which both are seen playing in the park with their adorable granddaughter.

The video that was recorded by Brandon peniche, was described with the text: “For more happy moments, grandmothers together“, Highlighted that the coexistence was on Sunday, October 4, 2020 and that they will always live as a true family.

While in the stories of the same social network, he also shared a video in which they are seen living together in a restaurant.

However, this was not the only clarification made by the television star, because a few days ago a video was released in which he says “I love you” to Arturo Peniche, so he assured that this does not mean that he has a romantic relationship with him.



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