It’s HUGE! 3,541-pound, 17-foot-long female “Nukumi” shark found in Canada The NY Journal


It's HUGE! 3,541-pound, 17-foot-long female “Nukumi” shark found in Canada

Stock image of a white shark.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

Researchers working in the waters of Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia), in Canada, They found a female shark that weighs about 3,541 pounds and is 17 feet 2 inches long.

Scientists at OCEARCH, a non-profit organization that tags and samples great white sharks, described the white shark as the “Queen of the Ocean” and named her “Nukumi” in reference to the wise grandmother of the legend of the Indians My’kmaq.

“With the new data that we have collected, this matriarch will share her wisdom with us for years to come,” the NGO said in a post this Saturday on Facebook.

As part of the latest expedition, Nukumi is considered the largest of the eight sharks that have been sampled by scholars over the 28-day exploration period.

OCEARCH, specialized in collecting information, has collected samples and tagged hundreds of sharks, dolphins, foci and other marine animals.

The data seek to shed light on migration patterns and unknown details about the existence of the species.



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