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The soap opera villain assured that the Mexican justice has not found evidence that proves her husband’s guilt

Yadhira Carrillo pleads with the Mexican authorities to release her husband, Juan Collado

Yadhira Carrillo and Juan Collado.

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During one of his most recent encounters with the media, Yadhira Carrillo she begged the Mexican authorities to release her husband, Juan Collado, who remains in the North prison in Mexico City since June 2019 under investigation for various fraud, one of them tax fraud.

There we are, we are still doing the same thing. They can’t find anything, but then please let me go, please, it’s already a long time please“, He expressed before the cameras of the program ‘Ventaneando’.

Likewise, the villain of the telenovela ‘El Precio de tu amor’ assured that the Mexican justice system has not found evidence proving her husband’s guilt: “They said that tax fraud, nothing is the best tax payer, things have always been perfect, already please is enough poor thing“.

Sure of the man she married 12 years ago, she assured that he is a very orderly person in all his affairs and that after presenting some discomforts due to the conditions of the prison, he is already in good health but still must continue to take good care of himself.

On another topic, after the journalist San Juana Martinez to know what Angelica Rivera obtained a payment of 84 million pesos for marrying Enrique Peña Nieto, Cheek He confessed that he doesn’t know anything about her, and that he hasn’t seen her for a couple of years.

I have no contact with Angie, I haven’t seen her for two years. I have no idea“, He said.

Finally, the soap opera protagonist thanked the media that waited for her outside the facilities of Televisa San Ángel, where she appeared a few days ago with Galilea Montijo to carry out a parade of street dogs that she protects herself and for those who look for families to adopt them.



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