11-year-old girl finds a wedding ring on the beach, looks for the owner and miraculously finds it | The NY Journal


Losing an object of such sentimental value was devastating, but luckily, the man got his wedding ring back

A man lost her wedding ring during a holiday on the coast of England, but, thanks to a girl only 11 years old, he has managed to recover it.

Matt eastley, 54, lost her wedding ring at sea on August 6. It happened while he was on vacation with his family on the Isle of Wight, an island off the southern coast of England.

Eastley believes he lost it when he was hit by a big wave.

Before leaving the Isle of Wight, Eastley told what happened to the owner of a cafe on the beach and asked if they could be vigilant and, should his ring appear, let him know.

The next day, Priya sahu, 11, discovered the jewel. The sea had spit the ring up to the beach and that is why it had reached the shore.

“I was looking for seashells under the sand and I saw something shiny on the ground and I thought ‘ooh, what is this?'” Explains the girl, reports Sunny Skyz.

Together with her mother, Priya went out of her way to locate the owner of the ring.

“We thought someone must be devastated to lose their wedding ring, Priya thought it would be magical if we could find this person,” the girl’s mother, Mrs Sahu, told the BBC.

Through friends and friends of friends, they reached out to the cafe’s owner, who eventually put them in touch with Eastley.

Priya and her mother returned the ring to Eastley in person, at a park in Southampton, England.

“[Perder el anillo] it was devastating. It is irreplaceable, “he said. “But it was wonderful to get it back. It is an affirmation of life. It’s a really happy ending. “



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