The Controversial Reason Sting Wrote His Iconic Track “Every Breath You Take” The NY Journal

The British singer, who turns 68 today, lived through a controversial love triangle that served as inspiration for his biggest hit

Sting is, perhaps, one of the most versatile British singers in the history of rock of that country. He Leader of the mythical band The Police today reaches 68 years having tried everything in his life as an artist.

Even, who really goes by the name of Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, has ventured into the world of acting being in films alongside renowned directors in Hollywood such as David Lynch.

In addition to his remarkable talent, Sting was also noted for his good looks. One of the most famous sexy symbols in rock he used the stage as the platform for his fans to fall in love with him.

This sentiment of the North Tyneside born singer led him to live a love triangle that later unleashed one of the most famous songs of the group he led: “Every Breath You Take”. In the first instance, for the year 1974, Thomas Summer met Frances Tomelty in a play.

Two years later, he decided to join this torrid relationship in a holy marriage, in addition to conceiving two children with the actress. But, by the early 80’s, just as the band was heading to release their latest record material, “Synchronicity,” Sting met Trudie Styler, not in the best way.

The reason for their unexpected relationship? Trudie was the best friend of his wife.

Despite that bond, the singer was photographed making out with Styler while still married to Tomelty. The scandal and the series of controversies that came after being known this relationship led him to go into exile in the Caribbean.

With a loving threesome in which English was living, was the special seasoning for create “Every Breath You Take”.

“One night I woke up with a start with a verse in my head, I ran to the piano and wrote everything in half an hour. The melody, it must be admitted, is quite generic and similar to hundreds of others but I think the interesting thing is the words, the verses. It sounds like a comforting love song but it is terribly sinister. I didn’t realize that right away but later“, He assured for Dylan Jones’ book” The Eighties: One day, one decade. “

The inevitable success was included in the last album of the band, after an arrangement that Andy Summers made to it, that iconic guitar riff that has echoed in the ears of millions of people.

“This song cost us a lot because what Sting had written was very good, but he didn’t have a guitar. The demo he showed us was with an organ that made it look like a Billy Preston song and not The Police.

“It took us about six weeks to find the way around, testing sequences, beats and basses. It was a simple and classic melody but we could not agree on how to make it. When it came to guitar time, Sting told me “go in and record and make it yours” and that’s where the riff came from, “recalled Summers.

Winner of two Grammy Awards as Song of the Year and Best Performance by a Group or Duo, included eight weeks on the Billboard charts and considered one of the 25 best songs in history, the fact that inspired “Every Breath You Take” it was a necessary evil for the band and the singer.

Today, 30 years later, Sting reaches 68 years with a more than solid marriage with Trudie and four beautiful children, giving him the definition of a stable man and a historical musician.


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